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Gas Station and Wash Tunnel Pressure Washing in San Diego, California

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Professional Cleaning Eliminates Tenacious Filth

Most gas stations are very difficult to keep clean. Dirt and skid marks from heavy traffic use are exacerbated by the presence of automotive fluids, food, trash and soda dropped by careless motorists. If left unchecked, this layer of grime can grow out of hand, giving your gas station a dingy feel and bad reputation that repel your target audience.
Although the mess may look like a headache to clean up, we at JetCleanUSA Inc. are able to take care of it with minimum hassle. Don’t let your gas station be known as the dirty one in town. Give us a call today to revitalize your property in no time.

Keeping Wash Tunnels Clean

It may seem a bit counterintuitive, but keeping your car wash’s wash tunnel clean is an important part of regular maintenance. Asking customers to clean their cars in a dirty wash tunnel is sure to turn them away. At JetCleanUSA Inc., we are able to revitalize your wash tunnel and ensure that customers at your car wash feel comfortable and confident that they are getting the best wash available.

Fast, Effective and Environmentally Friendly

We love the San Diego area, and as an environmentally responsible company, we aim to meet and exceed local and federal environmental regulations. Due to the nature of the runoff from establishments like yours, it can be tricky to contain all harmful chemicals that are removed.
Even so, our highly experienced team maintains our premium standards of cleaning with professional equipment and the right know-how. Our technicians are trained to take extra steps in your cleaning process, doing our part to keep our water sources clean.
If you are looking for an expert team to handle your pressure washing job, give JetCleanUSA Inc. a call today.