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Pressure Washing for Apartment Complexes: A Guide

Pressure Washing
Does the parking lot for your apartment complex look a little dingy? Have the sidewalks seen better days? This poor physical appearance could negatively affect your property.
One of the easiest ways to give your property a facelift is through pressure washing. Pressure washing can remove stains that appear to be set in, making things look like new. Here are some of the major advantages of pressure washing your parking lot that you should consider.
It Makes the Complex More Attractive
Curbside appeal is important for any property. Whether you're aiming to attract prospective tenants or prospective buyers, the appearance of cleanliness is going to matter. Power washing a property will make it easier for current owners to rent and sell their homes. So for property managers, washing a property will make it easier to attract more reliable, higher-end tenants.
It Provides Value for Owners and Landlords
Property owners want to see what their HOA and their property management company are doing for them. Though there may be many things going on in the background, such as rules enforcement and legal issues, these aren't always immediately visible. Pressure washing provides an immediate property update and upgrade that owners can visibly see.
A property that has been pressure washed is a property that looks well-cared for. Even if all other things throughout the property are being cleaned and maintained, stained siding and dirty sidewalks will detract from the property's appearance. This also improves the property's value, which will eventually lead to higher prices when the properties are sold.
It Reduces Potentially Harmful Mold and Mildew
In areas high in humidity, mold and mildew can start to grow on siding, concrete, and roofs. Not only is this unsightly, but it can even be harmful. Mold and mildew can damage air quality, and some types of mold can be toxic.
Mold can also be slippery when it grows on stones and sidewalks, eventually leading to slipping and falling. When allowed to get out of control, mold and mildew can start degrading the surrounding environment, eating away at the concrete.
Pressure washing can immediately remove mold and mildew. When done regularly, it can prevent mold from regrowing and can keep the property looking good year round.
It Removes Graffiti and Stains
Unfortunately, graffiti occurs in even some of the most highly secured areas. Pressure washing can be used to remove unsightly (and offensive) graffiti as quickly as possible, so it doesn't upset tenants and property owners.
Without pressure washing, it may take some time to remove graffiti, as it will have to be manually scrubbed off and often painted over. In addition to intentional graffiti, pressure washing can also be used to remove seemingly set-in stains that can't be removed through other methods.
It Gets Rid of Dirt, Debris, and Clutter
Pressure washing doesn't just eliminate dirt and stains. It can also force away debris and clutter, such as loose gravel, stones, and rocks. This clutter can be both unattractive anddangerous. Loose rocks and gravel will eventually damage hard surfaces and can be slipped on if they're in areas of high foot traffic.
Through pressure washing, gravel and concrete chips that are already loose can be removed, making issues such as cracks more apparent. These cracks can be fixed proactively to avoid further damage.
When done as a regular part of maintenance, pressure washing can improve the appearance and value of a property in many ways. HOAs and property managers may want to invest in it as a part of their annual maintenance routines. To get a quote or schedule a visit, contact Jetclean USA Inc.