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Four Reasons You Should Leave Pressure Washing Your Home to the Professionals

house with clean siding
If layers of dirt, grime, and dust distract from the beauty of your home, it is time to give your home and its surrounding surfaces a thorough cleansing. One way to give your home an immediate face-lift is by pressure washing it.
For some homeowners, there is a strong temptation to rent or purchase a pressure washer and tackle the job themselves. Here are just a few reasons why pressure washing is a chore best left to the professionals.

Incorrectly Using a Pressure Washer Can Damage Your Home

A pressure washer is a powerful piece of equipment. Depending on the type of engine that the pressure washer has, it exerts a psi of anywhere from 1300 to 3100. Recommendations call for different psi levels for various surfaces, and there are some surfaces that you should avoid pressure washing entirely. It is unlikely that pressure-washing novices will know the recommended settings for each portion of their homes.
Pressure washers also have distinct settings for the water temperature. Different temperatures work better depending on the surface you are cleaning and what substances you need to blast away.
All it takes is one wrong stroke or too much pressure to blast away some of your home's paint or to damage its siding. A professional pressure-washing company understands the intricacies associated with cleaning a home. The company not only knows the best ways to clean different surfaces but also has any necessary materials to complete the job, such as nozzles and extension wands.

The Professionals Know How to Properly Dispose of Wash Water

Another common mistake that novice pressure washers make is failing to properly dispose of wash water. Even if you decide to pressure wash your home using pure water, you have to consider the substances that the pressure washer removes from your home, such as pesticides and mold. These substances mix with the water and can run off onto your property.
It is important to note that using only water to clean your home is usually not as effective as adding cleaning agents. Yet if you don't take proper precautions, these potentially harmful substances will run off onto your property and into your area's groundwater.
Professional pressure washers have the right equipment to safely collect and dispose of wash water. A vacuum system is one common way that the professionals handle the gathering of wash water. The company can then correctly filter and dispose of or recycle the wash water.

Taking an Entire Day to Pressure Wash Your Home Is Inconvenient

The process of pressure washing your home is a time-consuming, strenuous task. Even small, at-home pressure washers are heavy and cumbersome to handle. If you decide to rent a pressure washer, you also have to take time picking up the machine and returning it when you are done.
By outsourcing the task, you can spend your day completing activities that are much more enjoyable. You also save your body from the strain of having to maneuver a bulky pressure washer around your property.
At JetCleanUSA Inc., we offer an assortment of convenient cleaning times to ensure that we cater to your schedule, including extended hours. We are willing to come to your home after hours so that having a clean home is not an inconvenience to your schedule.

Pressure Washing a Two-Story Home Can Be Dangerous

If your home has multiple levels, pressure washing requires additional equipment and skill. Many homeowners struggle with toting a pressure washer on level ground. Now, imagine trying to climb a ladder with the extra weight of the pressure washer without losing your footing or making a misstep. Professionals know how to safely tote the equipment up multiple levels.
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