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4 Areas to Power Wash at Your Restaurant

Man Cleaning The Ground Floor
You own a restaurant, so attracting hungry people to your place of business is part of your daily operation. But one thing you can do that will instantly turn off potential customers is have a dirty property. Keeping the exterior of your restaurant clean is highly important, and hiring a professional power washing service for help is a wise decision. 
While it is a good choice to have much of your property power washed, there are pertinent areas that affect business operations and customers the most and will need the most attention. Here is a short list of areas around your restaurant business that you should have power washed by a professional.
1. The Parking Lot 
The first impression a customer gets of your restaurant is in the parking lot, so your parking lot should be one of the cleanest areas of your property. While tending to trash and debris every day is necessary, you should also have the parking area thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. A power washing service will:
  • Blast away oily residue and road grime
  • Clean features like curbs and parking stops
  • Wash painted lines so they are more visible
  • Ensure all signage on the lot is clean
The parking lot of your restaurant can get very dirty in a short time frame, and this dirt and grime can be hard to eliminate through typical sweeping and cleaning. However, a professional with good power washing equipment can drastically improve the lot's cleanliness.
2. The Concrete Around the Building 
Restaurants have a lot of concrete surfaces that need to be power washed. The concrete walkway around the building, the concrete patio where guests dine outside, or the concrete slab at the entryway to your restaurant are all places you should have power washed occasionally.
If your concrete is not sealed, it is prone to stains that are extremely difficult to remove through normal scrubbing and cleaning processes. Additionally, you have to be careful about the chemicals used to clean concrete because concrete’s porous nature can allow damage to occur with some cleaning agents.
A professional can use a pressure washer to safely blast safe cleaning solutions into little cracks and crevices that harbor moss, discoloration, and dirt to make the concrete look as good as new. 
3. The Trash Holding Areas 
Like most restaurants, yours has a place set up somewhere in the back of the building to store all the trash before it's picked up. Whether you have a dumpster in the area or regular garbage receptacles, pests can be a huge issue. All of those little things that fall from the trash and the odors caused by them are hard to eradicate.
Outdoor dumpsters are one of the biggest pest magnets a restaurant has. Having the area power washed with a sanitizing solution works really well to ward off flies, bugs, and rodents that are a huge bother at any eatery. 
4. The Building
Even the exterior of your restaurant building can benefit from a good power washing. Over time, the exterior can accumulate moss growth on shaded areas, road grime if you're situated close to a highway, and a lot of other gunk. One good visit from a power washing service and your building will look much cleaner, newer, and much more attractive to customers. 
Having a clean restaurant exterior is one of the things you can do as a business owner that will make all the difference in how customers perceive your property and operation. If you would like to have some power washing done around your restaurant property, contact us at JetCleanUSA Inc.