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3 Things to Do Before Having Your Home Pressure Washed

Water Pressure Cleaning

If your home looks dingy, quickly return it to its former glory by scheduling a pressure washing session. Pressure washing removes dirt, mildew, splattered bugs, paint, and old stains. Though some homeowners pressure wash their own homes, hiring a professional to tackle the job has multiple advantages.

An expert knows how to complete the job safely and has access to professional-grade equipment. Professionals can also finish the job quicker, provide a higher quality of work, and clean using various processes. For example, if you want to use a cleaning agent to wash your home, you need a pro who understands and follows the proper procedures for pressure washing with chemicals. 

Before you have your home pressure washed, take the following steps to get the most out of your cleaning session.

1. Complete Any Tasks to Prep Your Home's Exterior

One reason that a pressure washer is so effective at cleaning multiple surfaces is that it uses a highly concentrated stream of water. The force of the water is so powerful that it can even damage some surfaces.

This fact means you need to do certain tasks before having your home pressure washed. You can handle these chores yourself, or your pressure washing company might complete the prep work. When interviewing different companies, ask about these tasks so that you understand your responsibilities.

First, move items prone to damage, such as vehicles, plants, or outdoor decor. If possible, remove these items completely from the areas you plan to have pressure washed. If you have items you can’t move, such as planted flowers, cover them with a cloth or drape to protect against the pressure washer.

You should also remove the screens from your windows so that the powerful stream of water doesn't damage them. When having your driveway pressure washed, sweep away any debris, like grass clippings or leaves.

2. Decide If You Want the Company to Use Cleaning Agents

You can pressure wash a home or concrete surface using only the force of the water. However, if your property has excessive stains or old stains, a cleaning agent (such as soap or a degreaser) is more effective at removing this set-in grime. 

Some homeowners prefer to avoid using cleaning agents because they don't want to subject their families, pets, or vegetation to chemicals. If you prefer to avoid chemicals, check that your pressure washing company has equipment powerful enough to blast your stains using only water. 

Though pressure washers have multiple power levels, you want the company to use the lowest power level capable of completing the job to minimize the likelihood of damaging your home. You need experience to know when to use a certain setting, making it essential that you hire a knowledgeable company to wash your home.

3. Determine What Areas You Want Cleaned

Have an idea of the areas you want to pressure wash so that your company can provide an accurate estimate for the job and make sure it has the right equipment. Some tasks, like pressure washing a driveway, benefit from the use of specialized equipment. For example, if your driveway has tar on it, the company will use a more powerful nozzle to ensure complete removal.

Some of the surfaces that you can clean with a pressure washer include vinyl siding, concrete, brick, and stucco. This means that you can pressure wash your home, storage building, driveway, sidewalk, patio, and gutters. 

Are you ready to eradicate dirt from your home's exterior? Contact JetClean USA Inc. today to request a free quote and see that your home is ready for the upcoming holiday season.